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Welcome to Square Explorer


Square Explorer + contains: Full game, No adverts, Extra levels, Extra swords and shield skins and Level Editor + (W.I.P)

You are a Square boy who wants to explore the world of circles. Unfortunately, in this world, Circles hate Squares. At least you have a sword and a shield! Kill all the enemies and get to the castle (unless your a pacifist). 

Waring: You may rage while playing this game as it can be hard!

^But don't let that stop you have a try


Q:  ._. <("But I don't want to pay $3!")

A:  This $3 goes to my game development to make better games and pay fees. If you don't want to pay then you can play it on your android phone! (must be Android 6.3 or up)

Q:  ._.<(I have found a mistake/problem/idea!)

A:  >o< Please email me the mistake/problem/idea at "benhudson515@gmail.com" and I will see if I can fix/put it in the next update.

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