Created for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam!

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New update: 1.2!!!

Theme: Keep it alive

Made in 1 day by a 13 year old

Warning: Loud! 

See how long you can keep the ball guy alive for!


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i really wanna make some cool stuff like you so

if you could message me and tell me the basics and what you use that would  so so kind 

-someone who likes you stuff alot

Thanks so much! I make my games with construct 3, its a great basic game engine for making 2d games! There is a free version of it but its not that good, There is actually a special event this weekend and this monday that lets you get all the features for free! If you do like how it works then do consider getting the full version! If you want to know how to make some games with it there are tons of tutorials to get started: Construct 3 

If you need anymore help just tell me! :)

ok i will thanks so much

No problem :)

My Ball Died

F in the chat